New release: hac-game-lib v1.1.1

A quick note to announce a minor/bugfix release of the hac-game-lib.

Version 1.1.1 brings 2 changes: a bugfix and a forgotten feature… They are both in the hgl-editor.

The bugfix concerns a very obvious bug that points at lack of pre-release test for the editor. With the introduction of the settings the editor now remember the previous board creation’s parameters. That code had obvious errors that were crashing the editor. It is now fixed.

The improvement is a feature that somehow got lost in the different merge/rebase of the git branches. I’m talking about the automatic activation of partial display in the editor when you create a map too big to fit your screen.

Right now it automatically activates for board bigger than 40 characters width or height. If the default view does not suit you, just hit “V” to configure the viewport.

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